The Challenge Curriculum at Bennington College

Elizabeth Coleman, long-time president of private, liberal arts Bennington College, re-worked the Bennington College faculty and curriculum to be challenge focused. It is my understanding that she and her faculty, in part, were the popularizers of the challenge curriculum. Here are a few resources to read about her work.

Liz Coleman’s call to reinvent liberal art education

Elizabeth Coleman of Bennington College on Re-Creating the Liberal Arts World

Education: Agent and Architect or Democracy (PDF)

The Bennington Curriculum: A New Liberal Arts (PDF)


2 responses to “The Challenge Curriculum at Bennington College

  1. This is an extremely important conversation to have right now and I am particularly interested in this program. I teach at a small Christian college and I’m becoming infatuated with the idea of changing how we view introductory courses. Instead of simply seeing them as “necessities” or pre-requisites, I think they should be more vital and aimed at something greater. I’d love to follow this conversation as it develops. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Danny — Sorry for the very late response to your comment. Thanks for posting. How is your thinking around this developing recently? We haven’t given much more conversation to the challenge curriculum as a group until our most recent meeting, where we brought up the ways that folks are still exploring it. Would love to chat further.

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