Maker Culture, MOOCs, and Learning

I’ve been following the “maker” movement for a long time. The core idea is to shift from a “consumer” mindset to a “maker” mindset — one that is creative, Do-It-Yourself (Do-It-Yourself-With-Others), open-source, and collaborative. What’s fascinating to me is that folks at Mozilla (the makers of Firefox) and many others in the tech world have picked up on Maker culture more than MOOCs as a new model for learning and teaching, with the core practice being to empower others with the tools to create (or to learn the tools we need to create something we want). They range from purely artistic and aesthetic to political and educational. Creation ranges from “crafts” — textiles, knitting, etc. — to writing (see link below), to technology — programming, web design, app development.

While Ed folks have been looking toward MOOCs and MOOCification, with more and more happening in online contexts, Makers have been using the internet to organize local gatherings in-person.

Over the next month, I’m going to spend some serious time thinking about the intersections between MOOCification and MAKERification (a word I might be inventing?). Anyone have thoughts on this?

Here are a few collected Maker links

TC Maker – Maker group located in Twin Cities

Hive Learning Network

New York Maker Faire

New York City Resistor

Maker Faire Africa Manifesto

Writing as Making / Making as Writing

Mozilla Webmaker


3 responses to “Maker Culture, MOOCs, and Learning

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  2. As an offshoot of the ‘maker’ movement, you might be interested to look at the online class service called Craftsy ( It’s a successful model and many of their classes are MOOCsized – more than 1000 students is common. More importantly, people seem to like the classes and complete the classes.

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