River(s) as Learning Space(s)

Today in the River Talk blog I wrote about new Twin Cities park initiatives and mentioned that our riverfronts could provide “essential learning spaces.” http://riverlife.umn.edu/2013/08/06/river-is-central-to-new-park-initiatives/  Most readers will probably glide over this phrase, being more interested in rivers than in learning.

What kind of learning would be best conducted in riverfront space?  What kinds of spaces would be most conducive to learning?  How (or can) the physical space for learning coincide with digital spaces?  

If, as we claim, River Life is about helping people become “hydro-literate” citizens, these are not idle questions, but rather get to the heart of our purpose.


One response to “River(s) as Learning Space(s)

  1. Oooooh, the three questions you pose. Where to begin. Having been at the Oheyawahi/ Pilot Knob space last week I find myself thinking that the the listing of “essential” items or characteristics or needs must include “intergenerational” – whether those voices are right there among the folks physically assembled, or virtually present via sound, image, and/or written narratives. And alongside that “intercultural” – in dynamic more than bimodal ways; so at Oheyawahi/ Pilot Knob, the importance of white-native conversation that’s also nuanced by class perspectives or gendered histories would be one move out of bimodal that might spark a conversation about complexities of space – colonization, limitations, reclamation, common ventures, and more.

    What are you hearing in response to your questions elsewhere?

    Info about Oheyawahi/ Pilot Knob :http://www.pilotknobpreservation.org/Pocket%20Guide%20Interactive.htm

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