Hi Everyone,

I’m facilitating conversation / presenting an idea for our next July 2 group meeting. In advance of that, I’d like to link you to a post I just made on my own blog about an idea for a PARC MOOC.

My hope is to start building a PARC MOOC for a course at the University of Minnesota (determined, but not to be named yet here). When we meet next, I’m wanting to think through some strategies for how to approach it.

Looking forward,



One response to “The PARC MOOC

  1. Hi Alex,

    I did some aspects of what you have here several years ago for a grant funded research project to study blended learning efforts at the U. Our proposal was to use a blended teaching/learning approach for a class about case study research. Coming from the field of adult teaching and learning, we knew we wanted to be co-teaching and co-learning about case study research through carrying out the research with the graduate students in the class.

    It was maddening and fun doing this one-time run course, and led to some decent research, several conference presentations, and us all learning more about case study research and community through our collective efforts. Our course site for the class was essential for providing structure and access for everyone throughout our collective research efforts. It definitely provided structure for how to carry out a case study, and a good space for collaborative work in our blended class.

    My co-instructor said I had created a method for collaborative online research, but being a doctoral student at the time, I didn’t have time to ponder what we managed to accomplish. I know it is doable and can be quite successful then :). Some of the students in the class had a bit of research experience, and some had none. As doctoral students at the time, my co-instructor and I were much more on the side of facilitators than experts in case study research. So, I know it can be successful across a co-teaching, co-learning approach with a variety of knowledge and skill levels represented. Everyone carried out at least one interview, did transcribing, shared their data, and helped with themes and some of the final report information for the grant. All within ethical guidelines for research too.

    Nice to revisit this thanks to your parc mooc question, and I look forward to hearing more.

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